Vol. II. Human Development, Diversity, and Behavior in the Environment

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  • Author: Taniesha Delph
  • Level: Moderate
  • Study time: 15 hours
  • Video time: 10 hours
  • Exams: 291
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Course overview
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This online interactive course is designed to prepare you for your ASWB exam. The course contains information you need to know for the exam, broken down into easily digestible lessons. This course is engaging and target various learning styles. Information is provided by the use of videos, audios, quick reference sheets, flashcards, workshops, interactive activities, and practice questions.

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What's included?

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Study Guide and Workbook

Our comprehensive colored textbook is the foundation of your exam preparation. The book contains everything you need to know for the exam. Lessons contain key topics and terms, pictures, exercises, quizzes, and discussion questions to help you learn faster and remember important information as you prepare for your exam.

Unique Learning Paths

291 practice questions which include video rationales that demonstrate effective test-taking strategies. Practice exam allow you to see areas of strength and weakness as you conduct a self-evaluation (printed sheet provided) along the way.

Group Workshop

Your instructor provides in-depth videos covering the major topics of the ASWB exam. Our LIVE workshops allow you to prepare at recommended times during your study program, and then have access to an archived version of the workshop to review anytime, anywhere.

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Outstanding features such as flashcards, interactive video activities, quick study sheet, and quizzes.

Discuss with others

Participate in our online forum, share thoughts and ideas, increase connection, get help with your studies.

Course contents


What Other Social Workers Say

Envision Pass has the best learning platform I found so far. It truly fits my learning style. At first the outline looked overwhelming, but it's really not. I love that I am able to see how much time it might take me to complete each section. The video break down of the questions and content are amazing!
Vanessa Smith, CT
I was pleasantly surprised when I was given the opportunity to take this course. The information gained so far was really helpful. I love the videos, it break down the information allowing me to fully grasp the concept while spending less time reading.
Amy Boskovic, CA

Taniesha Delph, LCSW

Author, Instructor
About me
I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with social workers preparing to take their ASWB exam. I enjoy teaching social workers how to better understand the exam by providing strategies to increase their chances of passing and reinforcing the importance of being positive.

I have created a study program that works for all learning styles. With your commitment and dedication, your journey will be successful. Remember, I am here with you every step of the way until you pass.

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